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FREE - PRIVATE POKER TABLE™ to any user by just going to the Team Poker® Room Lobby and selecting the Private Poker Tables™ option and creating the game you want. You control the structure of the Texas Holdem’ game: Limit or No-Limit, Starting Chips, Blind Structure, time to act and time between hands. You invite only the players you want. It’s truly your Private Table. Get together with old or new friends and use tools like Skype, TeamSpeak, or YouTube Videos to create a unique and fun experience.


FREE Limited LICENSES for any Bick and Mortar Poker Rooms that advertise on any Team Poker® syndicated site. Please contact for details on how to host Local, Regional, or other large live TEAM POKER® CHAMPIONSHIPS.


Team Poker® offers low cost TABLE BRANDING that allows users to brand their tables with their graphics, unique logos and emblems. Brand your table and invited your friends to play on you uniquely branded poker table in your Free PRIVATE POKER TABLE™. Additional Branding: Cards and complete room branding by request. Contact with your specific branding requirements.


LIST YOUR TEAM, CLUB, OR FUNDRAISING ENTITY FOR FREE: The RED PAGES™ is a Yellow Pages on steroids with an Encyclopedia of Poker and Directory of Services for Team Poker® (TP) players. It includes a listing and access to all Individual Players, Club Teams, Fundraising Entities, Individual and Team Rank, Poker Definitions, and it allows Free (for limited time) and Paid Advertisements for Team Poker® users. The Red Pages™ is structured to allow users to interface on their Player Platform all things necessary to help create a great gaming experience. Registered users that maintain a minimum amount of Ranked Game play can list their companies for Free. All users (subject to TP approval) can help contribute to the development and maintaining of the RED PAGES™ experience.


PLAY NOW: The CELEBRITY FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE™ allows Celebrities of various fields to use THE FUNDRAISING TOOL™ for FREE to compete for funds for their Charity or Fundraising cause (USA Requirement for 501c3 status). Celebrity causes join or challenge other Sports Teams and Charities to raise the most PLEDGED DONATIONS, and win the TEAM POKER® CONTEST. Any TEAM POKER® registered celebrity can use THE FUNDRAISING TOOL™ to raise funds for FREE. If you want to be considered and authorized as a Registered Celebrity or Nominate a Celebrity please contact for consideration. It’s not too difficult to be considered a Team Poker® Registered Celebrity, if you are passionate about fundraising for your cause and or a leader with a following make your case in an email to us.


PLACE YOUR AD NOW: Registered Users can list their company in RED PAGES™ for FREE for a limited time. Focused FEE banner advertisements and sponsorships are available for the various Ranking Events, TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE League Series Events, and WORLD TEAM POKER® CHAMPIONSHIP (WTPC) Satellites and WTPC League Series Events. The Team Poker® RED PAGES™ offers free listings of all Club Poker Teams and Fundraising Entities with direct payment information for donations. Other paid/ FEE Advertisements will be coming soon for Local, Regional, National, and World Placements.


START EARNING TiP$ NOW FOR FREE: - TiP$ are the internal currency of TEAM POKER® and form the basis of FREE ROLL potential to large prize pools. Individuals earn TiP$ by time in Ranked Games. Individuals and Teams can win TiP$ in Ranking Events. BUY TiP$ NOW: - TiP$ have no monetary value. TiP$ are used to create competition, and can be used by Individuals and Teams to buy Products and Services. sells TiP$ and reserves the right to change the rate of purchase price and internal purchase value at any will. START WINNING TiP$ NOW: - TiP$ are also used as a milestone of accomplishment for both Individuals and Teams.


START PLAYING NOW FOR FREE: Users can find and enter the TEAM POKER® ROOM (TPR) from the Lobby. All game play (Standard Game, Registered Players Only, Private Poker Table™, and Ranking Games) are FREE to play, and accessed through the “Create a Game or Join a Game” function in the Lobby. Ranking Events can be for fun and ranking, and they can have entry fees and prize pools. Events can and do overlay each other in the Ranking Games in the TPR. Players can play in more than one event at a time and potentially users scores in any RANKED GAME can be used for more than one event. The RANKING EVENTS in the TPR are also the way users can FREE ROLL to the $TAR CLUB and large cash prize pools.


START a TEAM & OWN the CLUB - Anyone can Start a Team and Own a Poker Club. The start of any team is also the start of a club. A club can consist to any number of potential teams, and players can move from one team to another within a club at will for new event entries, but can play on only one team per event. Players can belong to only one club at a time. When the NO-CONTACT RULE (the game option does not allow club/teammates to play on the same Ranking Game at the same time) for Seating Protocol is used in an Event it applies to all Club Members. By protocol the No-Contact Rule takes precedence over the FULL-CONTACT RULE in overlaying Ranking Events. The individual who starts a club is the club owner, and owns all rights to the club and its teams. The owner can delegate club administration and management, but they are ultimately responsible for all club actions.


CHALLENGE OR JOIN A CHALLENGE FOR FREE NOW: The TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE™ is the tournament event process of individuals and teams challenging other individuals and teams and competing in various leagues and divisions for championships. These Challenges are RANKING EVENTS and consist of a predetermined number of RANKING GAMES. TEAM POKER® organizes league events on a regularly schedule basis, and Club Teams can challenge other clubs and teams at any time to compete for TiP$, cash, and other prizes. Because the TEAM POKER® HANDICAP allows any size team to compete against any other size time the TP CHALLENGE possibilities are endless … e.g.: Country “Class” Teams can compete against each other with all countrymen/ women that want making up the Country Teams and competing, while simultaneously allowing specifically defined size Club Teams also competing for their Countries.

Poker Players Alliance (PPA)

We support the Poker Players Alliance and its MISSION STATEMENT The PPA’s mission is to establish favorable laws that provide American poker players with a secure, safe and regulated place to play one of America’s oldest past times. Through education and awareness efforts aimed at policymakers, the media and the public, the PPA will keep this game of skill free from egregious government intervention and misguided laws. The PPA works for all poker players. The PPA has a subscription fee to become a member .... See to become a subscribed member and how to support the PPA Mission. As the most prominent voice of the poker player community, the PPA is empowering thousands of enthusiasts across the country to deliver positive messages about the game and why it should be protected to federal, state, and local elected representatives. On behalf of our broad membership of American poker players, the PPA will defend the right of poker players through advocacy work in Washington, D.C., and throughout the nation.


PLAY THE BOTS NOW ... STANDARD RANK COMING SOON: Poker training facility where You play the Bots. Turn up the speed and do many hundreds of hands per hour. Best way to learn how to play poker. These bots know how to play and don't be surprised when you are "checked-raised". If you can BEAT THE BOTS™ then you might have a chance in live poker. BEAT THE BOTS™ is a great tool for instructors to use in conjunction with TEAM COACH™ and represents a STANDARD RANKING TOOL which is the first of its kind in the poker industry. You want to learn how to play tournament poker, or increase your abilities, you need to play lots of hands of poker .... advance your game quickly with this tool.


START or JOIN a FUNDRAING CHALLENGE EVENT NOW: List your Fundraising Team and Campaign in the TEAM POKER® RED PAGES™ for FREE. Join an exist FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE and invite your fundraising contacts/ teammates to join the event ... All donated funds go directly to the Fundraising Entities Fundraising Campaign. TEAM POKER® does not handle or process your funds. THE FUNDRAISING TOOL™ provides a low fee, no-overhead online way to focus the solicitation of donations. HAVE FUN RAISING FUNDS. ALSO, anyone can be a Fundraising Administrator and start a TEAM POKER® FUNDRASING CHALLENGE themselves, by going to the EVENT MANAGER and creating a fundraising event, setting the structure, challenging other teams, and inviting their fundraising team to join the scheduled event. The administrator can choose to create a Campaign with the Crowdfunding Clearinghouse offered on site, and, or they can list their DIRECT PAYMENT method in the TEAM POKER® RED PAGES™. Designed to solicit donations THE FUNDRAISING TOOL provides a focus for collecting donations by providing the competition of the TEAM POKER® event, and collecting donations and pledges. User created events can be ‘closed’ to other teams joining, or ‘open’ to the public to create teams and join the action. Both closed and open team events allow any individual to play, be ranked, and pledge a donation. Events game play can overlay other events on the same tables; However, rankings and winners are calculated independently.


PLAY NOW: The RANKING GAME is used to rank both Individuals and Teams. Ranking Games are the same as what is known as a “Sit-&-Goes (S&G) in the poker industry. A S&G is a single table tournament. Registered Players can create or join a Ranking Game and there are some options for the speed of the game, but the Ranking Game doesn’t start until there are ten (10) registered players. Players can play the RANKING GAMES for FREE and top ranked monthly players FREE ROLL into the STAR CLUB™. The RANKING EVENTS (are a number of Ranking Games over a period of time) also use the Ranking Game to establish the Individual and Team rank, finish position, and point scoring for event prize pool award. Ranking Events can overlay each other and the same Ranking Game can be used for more than one event, and Individuals can be playing for different event rank within the same Ranking Game. The “No-Contact Rule” (teammates can not play on the same table with other players) is used for event seating protocol for subscription, cash and other serious events. The No-Contact Rule takes presidency over any “Full-Contact” seating protocol events where teammates can play on the same table.


START GETTING RANKED NOW FOR FREE: Poker and TEAM POKER® is about and starts with Individual performance. Team events are just the composite of Individuals Finish Positions (Team Scoring). The majority of RANKING EVENTS offer INDIVIDUAL RANK, and an Individual Prize Pool. RANKING EVENTS can be for Individuals only, both Individuals and Teams, or just for Teams. Because the TEAM POKER® HANDICAP allows team size to vary some smaller team structures can consist of Individuals only, and all Monthly Team Poker® Open Events offer Individual FREE ROLL potential along with Teams. Team play is comprised of Individual performance. There is always a place for Individuals in TEAM POKER® (TP). The TP NO-CONTACT RULE makes it impossible for Club Teammates to collude … as they cannot be on the same table with opponents on the table.


PLAY NOW FOR FREE: RANKING EVENTS are the backbone of TeamPoker®com (TP) competition. They consist of a number of RANKING GAMES played over a predetermined and defined period of time, resulting in Individual and Team Scoring and Finish Positions. RANKING EVENTS overlay each other in the RANKING GAMES. Individuals in a Ranking Game can be playing for various events and League Rank at the same time. Individuals and Teams are able to compete in various Leagues in RANKING EVENTS including: FUNDRAISING, CLASS LEAGUES (e.g. Country, Military, University, etc.), CLUB & TEAM, the STAR CLUB™, and WORLD TEAM POKER® CHAMPIONSHIP (WTPC), along with other Local, National, and World Events. The RANKING EVENTS can be run under two seating protocols: 1) No-Contact (for cash and other more serious play where Directors want to eliminate the potential of collusion) where teammates are not allowed on the same table; and, 2) Full-Contact (for fun and Class Events) where teammates are allowed on the same table. Users can join TEAM POKER® RANKING EVENTS, or they can create their own RANKING EVENTS in the TP Event Manager in the TP Controller.


START OR JOIN A TEAM FOR FREE AND GET RANKED: The start of any team is also the start of a club. Besides Individuals, Fundraising Teams, Class Teams, Clubs, and “Teams" (Teams are subsets of Clubs) are Ranked in the various Leagues in TEAM POKER® EVENTS. Individuals can belong to only one Club at a time, but can play for more then one team in the club if participating in different events. Using the patented method, teams of any size are possible. Teams can be required to be of equal size, or the event structure can allow teams of varying sizes using the TEAM POKER® (TP) HANDICAP (Any team size is potentially possible). An Individual can even be allowed to play and compete as a Team for scoring purposes. Individuals and smaller teams, can use their skill and the TP HANDICAP, which equalizes their finish position relative to teams of larger size, to fight for the team prize pool (An Individuals scoring as a team is typically only in smaller team events[e.g. 1-2 players). Poker Skills become more of a factor with the composite scoring of individuals in teams (team scoring), and the TP HANDICAP makes skill even more of a factor by allowing smaller team sizes to compete against larger teams (leveling the playing field). In TEAM RANKING EVENTS, as it is for all STAR CLUB™ Subscription Events, the TP NO-CONTACT SEATING PROTOCOL RULE can be required so there is never a chance of collusion among teammates.


POKER IS NOW A TEAM SPORT … through the “teamification of poker” that the patented TEAM POKER® process provides. However, TEAM POKER® like all poker, starts with the INDIVIDUAL. The patented process enhances the performance and skill of the INDIVIDUAL in poker and adds new and exciting dimensions to poker that have not existed until now. Individuals can now join and play together in TEAMS to try and maximize their individual skills & finish positions for team rank, team finish positions, and team prize pool award in tournament events. The patented system consists of three essential elements for team play. The elements start and evolve around the Individual Finish Positions in tournament events. The objective of TEAM POKER® is to enhance Individual play, importance of skill, and create the comradery and synergism that only teams offer. The team events typically have two prize pools: one for Individual finishes; and, a second for Teams. can create any and all types of events, and User administrators can also structure Free, Fundraising and TiP, Individual and Team events in their users EVENT MANAGER with options of structure and scoring elements: 1) TEAM SCORING: The patented system creates Team Scoring by allowing a composite score of Individuals for Team results. Teams form in accordance with the event structure, play the required number of RANKED GAMES and IFPs are added together and averaged by teams (composite scores) to determine team finish positions. 2) SEATING PROTOCOL: Tournament Event Administrators have two options for their event seating protocols: 1) Full-Contact among teammates and opponents; and, 2) No-Contact among teammates with opponents on the same tables. 3) TEAM POKER® HANDICAP: Using the TP HANDICAP, Poker Team sizes are able to vary within the same events. Any size teams are possible, creating another unique and truly new paradigm in gaming.


RUN YOUR OWN EVENTS FOR FREE: You are the Event Administrator, if you want: Run your own Ranking Event and Challenge other Individuals, Clubs, and Teams as part of the TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE - SERIES. Set your own structures (name, date, time period, prize pool overlays and add-ons, etc.), event entry fees (Fundraising Campaigns, TiP$ or Free), and advertise your event. All events are run in RANKED GAMES and can be run as Full-Contact (teammates allowed to play on the same table); or, No-Contact/ TEAM POKER® PRO Seating Protocol (club teammates not allowed to play on the same table). Or, Individuals and Teams can just join TEAM POKER® RANKING EVENTS. However; whether or not users play in User Administered Events, or Team Poker® Events, the Individuals’ and Teams’ Event Rank provides the opportunity to FREE ROLL to Large Prize Pools.


The TEAM POKER® user unique PLATFORM is comprised of among other things: The CONTROLLER, RANKING, RED PAGES™, and access to VIDEO & DATA DISPLAYS. The Controller allows the users to access their game events and site options including the EVENT MANAGER, Wallets, Profile, Club, and other information, some of which (e.g. Rank, Event Schedule, among other things) can be displayed in the Video Display.


The TEAM POKER® RANKING EVENT Process allows events to overlay each other in poker rooms. Administrators can create events in the TEAM POKER® ROOM and users can enter any number of these overlaying events that they qualify for. The Individual Finish Positions in any particular event can be used in as many events as applicable that the Individuals are entered, to rank Individuals and their Teams.


PLAY NOW: Users can create or join one of the four (4) game types that are available, and are identified by these four symbols and the optional Lock feature on Standard Games (triangle) and Registered Players (pencil on paper) only games. The PRIVATE POKER TABLE™ (player with +) and the RANKING GAMES (TP Trophy) round out the 4 player game options. The RANKING GAMES are the backbone of the Team Poker® RANKING EVENTS and Individual and Team Ranking in general.


THE FUNDRAISING TOOL™ by TEAM POKER® is used for fundraising entities to raise funds for their cause and start a campaign to have fun raising funds. All Fundraising Entities: Sports Teams, Charities, and any Club raising funds (USA Requirement of 501c3 status) are offered FREE Listings in the TEAM POKER® RED PAGES™ where they can identify their fundraising campaign. Fundraisers can us a Crowdfunding Campaign or preferably just list their DIRECT PAYMENT method in the listing.


A CLASS TEAM is any set of Individuals, Clubs, or Teams that form to compete as a group together in a TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE - CLASS LEAGUE EVENT or SERIES. These events are played against other Class Team. Class Teams are distinct from Clubs in that users can belong to as many Class Teams they want, and that they “qualify for”. Qualifying for Class Teams means only that an Individual fits the definition of a Class Team (e.g. Men versus Women as Class Teams is a good example; or, a graduate, sponsor, or person associated with a University versus other Universities). Individuals can belong to only one CLUB TEAM. However, Individuals can participate in Class Events without being a member of a club. Club-Teams also can compete in the CLASS LEAGUE SERIES in the CLUB-TEAM DIVISIONS of any CLASS. Examples of Class Teams help explain and define what Class Teams are: Cities, States, Regions, Countries, Schools, Military Branches, etc. Any “group set” is possible to be a CLASS, and TEAM POKER® will adjust to the demands of the users to add or delete CLASS SETS for competition, fun, bragging rights, and prize pool awards.


FULL CONTACT – TEAM POKER® (TP) SEATING PROTOCOL allows teammates to play on the same table. Like a “Rugby Scrum” the FULL CONTACT SEATING PROTOCOL allows teams and teammates to play poker “head to head” on the same tables with fellow teammates. FULL CONTACT is used in RANKING EVENTS that are for fun, bragging rights, and TiP$. The converse to the Full-Contact Seating Protocol is NO CONTACT – PRO SEATING PROTOCOL (teammates are not allowed on the same table) and it is used for subscription and other TiP, or prize pool events by administrators/ creators choice in the EVENT MANAGER. Since teammates are known and identified in either seating protocol, FULL or NO CONTACT, by definition collusion is not a factor, and collusion is not possible in the NO-CONTACT TP SEATING PROTOCOL.


The NO-CONTACT TEAM POKER® - TP PRO - SEATING PROTOCOL does not allow teammates to play on the same poker table until they are playing heads-up, or they are the only players left in the tournament event. There is no possibility of collusion as teams, and teammates are known, identified, and never allowed on the same table with opponents. The randomness in seating is adjusted, and mandated so teammates are never allowed to play together on the same table with opponents. When the NO-CONTACT RULE is in effect in a RANKING EVENT, and a teammate tries to enter a RANKING GAME, where a teammate is already seated, they will receive a message letting them know that a teammate is already seated, and they must join another Ranking Table.


The patented TEAM POKER® (TP) HANDICAP system allows teams of any size to play against other teams of any size. Poker skill is more of a factor in TEAM POKER®, and skill can become even more of a factor when the TP HANDICAP is used. The TP HANDICAP levels the playing field, and provides comparative scoring of various sized teams to determine team finish position. Event Administrators creating TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE Events can structure their events to allow teams size to be within a range of players are mandate teams must be the same size. Also, the flexibility of the TEAM POKER® HANDICAP can make it easier to form teams and compete in RANKING EVENTS.


MILESTONES & RECORDS are maintained for Individuals and Teams, by Leagues and Divisions. The highest ranking Individuals and Teams in the Team Poker® Open League earn a FREE ROLL into SATELLITES for the STAR CLUB™, or directly into STAR CLUB™, and the potential of large prize pool award. All Individuals are ranked in RANKING GAMES and besides the RANKING EVENTS the ranks are used to identify performance over time and track Milestones and Records. Milestones and Records will be an evolving process for several reasons and TEAM POKER® will focus on developing the most effective way of measuring both Individuals’ and Teams’ poker playing abilities and milestones reached.


The WORLD TEAM POKER® CHAMPIONSHIP (WTPC) is the Individual and Team League Poker Series World Playoffs (including various: Open, Class, Club, and STAR CLUB™ Leagues) that lead to the World Championships. These League WTPC Series are started with SATELLITE and LET IT RIDE™ EVENTS that lead to the Individual and Team WTPC and Large Prize Pools.