Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The FAQ list read consecutively may help to better understand this new twist on “The Old Game” … THE PATENTED TEAM POKER® PROCESS:

1) What is Team Poker® (TP)?
Team Poker® is a patented scoring system that allows both individuals and teams to compete in poker tournaments. Both Individual and Team Prize Pools can be created and won or Individuals and Teams can compete for fun and rank without prize pools. Events can be established for Individuals only, Teams only, or both Individuals and Teams.

2) How do you play Team Poker®?
TP can be played for Individual Finish Positions, as is any other poker tournament. If you wish to play for Team Play or both Team Play and Individual Play teams must be established prior to the start of the tournament event. will provide RANKING EVENTS that allow both Individuals and Teams to be ranked, determine finish positions and receive rewards.

3) How does the scoring work?
TP scoring is based on the composite scoring points and associated points of the Finish Positions of Individuals on a Team. Scoring points can be based on any weighting of the finish positions that the tournament director establishes. Scored finish positions can terminate at any position the tournament director desires. will publish the scoring formula for each tournament event it runs. Because it is online, the scores of all finish positions may be considered for rank and reward. As an example: the team point scoring can be the inverse of the Individual Finish Positions or any other weighted points starting at any point the Tournament Director deems appropriate for their tournament event. See “About Team Poker®” (link) for TP preferred brick and mortar consolidation tournament scoring method.

4) Doesn't playing in teams enable cheating?
Team Poker® does not allow cheating and, like any other poker tournament, TP does its best to preclude “collusion” by teammates. TP is a scoring method of teammates in tournaments and teammates are always identified. The TP Seating
Protocol prevents collusion and cheating in tournament events if the tournaments
director elects to play by use of the No-Contract Rule. Tournament directors can
choose between two basic types of Team Seating Protocols that result from the
team identification protocols:
1. No-Contact TP (TP-Pro) where teammates are never allowed on the same
table until they are heads-up or playing among their own teammates because
all other opponents have been eliminated. Teammates are never allowed on
the same table with opponents.
2. Full-Contact TP used for fun ranking games, and charity where teammates
are allowed to play on the same table.

5) How many people can be on a team?
Any number of players can be on a team with the TP system. Even one player can
potentially play as a “Team” for scoring purposes with the TP HANDICAP
SYSTEM. Each TP Tournament Event will specify the size of the teams allowed.

6) What if I don't have a team but I still want to play?
Individuals can always play in TP OPEN RANKING EVENTS and most other
events. Individuals have a potential to Free Roll to the Individual Prize Pool Award
in the TP Open, and most events will offer individual prize pools.

7) Can I always play as an individual?
Yes, Certain events including the TP OPEN RANING EVENT always allow
individuals and run 24 X 7 X 365 in the RANKING EVENTS. All registered
players are automatically registered in the TP Open Ranking Event and most other
events will allow individuals. Each event in TP stands alone with its protocol and
requirements to participate. However, some events may be structured for teams

8) How does ranking work? uses a weighted scoring system that is based on RANKING
GAME (RG) finish positions in RANKING EVENTS (RE). Ranking is established
only in the TP RANKING GAMES … to be ranked you must play in these
Ranking Games. RG’s do not allow bots (non-human players). Once 10 human
players enter a RG, the game starts. Anyone can start a RG and there are input
controls regarding “time to act” and “time between hands” that the RG creator can
establish. The Ranking formulas and point scoring weightings are provided on the
Ranking Lists for Individuals and Teams.

9) What can I or my Team win?
Individual and Team Prize Pools and Awards for TP Events are event specific.
These Awards can range from TP TiP$ (TP Chips and Internal Currency),
Cash and other awards. Each Event will identify the Prize Pools and Awards
associated with them. Eventually TP will develop Prize Pool Overlays from
commercial advertisers. The TP$TAR CLUB Subscription Room will have various
levels of cash entry and cash reward potential for both individuals and teams. In TP
FUNDRAISING CHALLENG EVENTS, TP may overlay cash prizes to the top
Charities and Sports Teams fundraising campaigns.

10) What is The Fundraising Tool?
THE FUNDRAISING TOOL™ is a TP Product that helps Fundraising Entities
(e.g. charities and sports teams) focus their solicitation of donations by providing a
fun poker gaming environment for Fundraising Teams to compete in the TP
FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE™. TP does not handle any donated funds. All
donations do directly to the Fundraising Teams in accordance with their donation
methods listed by them in THE TP RED PAGES™, or the Fundraising Teams
Invitation Emails. Through THE FUNDRAISING TOOL, winners of TP
Fundraising Events can claim “Bragging Rights” and establish an ongoing recompete
basis for the same charitable cause next year, month or week. TP may
also overlay a donation prize pool for the winning teams Fundraising Campaigns.
Each Fundraising Team soliciting charitable donations to their fundraising
campaigns can also become winners of a separate competition (that of raising the
most contributions) within the same event. TP will list these donations by team if
provided by the Fundraising Teams. TP requests that teammates list their pledged
donations at entry, and that Fundraising Teams provide feedback from their
fundraising entities (FE) campaign to help establish total funds donated. However,
since TP does not handle any donated funds TP relies on the FE to disclose the
funds donated during the TP FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE Events.

11) Who's running TEAM POKER®? is owned by Team Poker LLC a Colorado Company (marketing
arm), and parent company Team Gaming LLC a Nevada Company. See the TEAM
GAMING LLC Team for individuals working on

12) How do I know this is not a dishonest gaming scheme? is owned and run by ethical and responsible individuals who are
interested in enhancing poker tournament play by introducing the USPTO patented
TEAM POKER® paradigm of team poker play to the World. TP is not gambling
and operates under the requirements established in the USA legal sweepstakes
subscription laws. Team Gaming LLC employees and management are allowed to
play in Ranking Games but are not allowed to participate in the $TAR CLUB
subscription room, or any other events that allow users to win cash or other prizes
of monetary value.

13) What can I do to help spread the word about TP?
Hopefully, you will enjoy TP, its products, the TP Ranking Games and Events
such that you will invite your friends to join the action and get Ranked. Anyone
can play as an individual, start a team, or join a team and participate in the Free
Roll or Subscriptions to win large prize pool rewards. Help us spread the word
through your Social Media, email and direct contacts.

14) What are some more specifics on TEAM POKER® (TP)?
First and foremost, TeamPoker®com is about Individual performance, fair play,
and collusion free poker. There is always a place for the Individual in TEAM
POKER®. It is not necessary for an Individual to join a poker team to play, but we
highly encourage players to start a Team and Own a Club.
TEAM POKER® is the patented processes (USPTO 7819735 & Pat. Pending No.
14708764) that allow poker teams to form and compete as individuals and teams.
There are three essential elements of TEAM POKER®: 1. TEAM SCORING
(composite of individual finish positions); 2. SEATING PROTOCOL: two types
of seating protocol: NO-CONTACT and FULL-CONTACT; and, 3. TEAM
POKER® HANDICAP (allowing team size to equitably vary within the same
               1. TEAM & INDIVIDUAL SCORING: Team scoring is the composite
sum of the Individual Ranking Scores / Points accumulated for each
team. The structure for the prize pool split, between individuals and
teams, is based on pre-published percentages (e.g.: Individuals 40%,
Teams 60%). Tournament Directors can structure their Poker
Tournament splits as they desire. The individual point scores and finish
positions can be weighted as game originating administrators see fit. provides its formula and weighting at the bottom of each
Ranking Page.
              2. NO-CONTACT TEAM POKER® (or TEAM POKER®-PRO)
SEATING PROTOCOL: This Seating Protocol allows teams to play
collusion-free tournament poker. The team gaming seating protocol
prevents collusion among teammates by not allowing them to play on the
same table with opponents. Teammates may only play together when
they must play heads-up, or they are the only players left in the
tournament (See TEAM POKER® SEATING PROTOCOL Figures in
ABOUT TEAM POKER®). Team Poker®-Pro Seating Protocol is
always used in the STAR CLUB® subscription room. The No-Contact
Rule may be used in other Ranking Events and Tournaments at
Tournament Directors, or Event Creators option.
             3. FULL-CONTACT TEAM POKER®: This Seating Protocol allows
teammates to play with other opponents on the same table. This Full-
Contact version may be used for Fundraising, Class, and Club TiP Events
(TiP$ are the TP internal currency … See TiP$ below).
              4. The TEAM POKER® HANDICAP allows team size to equitably vary
within the same tournament. The patented system is a "Reverse
Handicap" that allows smaller sized teams to fairly compete against
larger sized teams by applying a handicap that equalizes team finish
positions for composite scoring comparison.

Any Registered User can start a team and own a club. The Owner controls all
aspects of the Club including resale rights. The Owner establishes club policies and
protocol and can delegate the same.
Individuals can belong to only one Club at a time. There can be any number of
players in a Club and any number of Teams within the Club.

16) POKER TEAM TYPES forming the basis of League and Division Play?
There are three basic types of teams with some variations:
               1. CLASS TEAMS: Individuals can belong to any number of Class Teams
for which they qualify and want to belong. Class Teams are best
described by listing some examples: Country/National, University, Men
versus Women, Military, etc. Class Teams can also have Divisions (e.g.:
Military League with Army, Air Force Navy, etc.). The Class Leagues
and Divisions form the basis for the TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE –
                2. FUNDRAISING TEAM: Fundraising Teams are a type of Class Team.
Individuals can belong to any number of these and donate to any
campaign they wish. TP is a Fundraising Clearinghouse; and, also offers
direct deposit options to any Fundraising Team Campaign. We call it
CHALLENGE where fundraising teams compete for donations and team
finishes which may have prize pool overlays. This FUNDRAISING
TOOL™ is part of the TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE League Series.
             3. CLUBS: Clubs can compete as teams against other Clubs, TP CLUB
Team size to vary in the same tournament event.
              4. TEAM: Like Players, there can be any number of Teams per Club.
Players can belong to only one team per event, but can participate in any
number of teams in their Club. Since events can overlay, the No-Contact
Rule takes precedence in the seating protocol. The TP patented system
enables the equitable scoring of any sized team in the same event via the

There is no potential of collusion among teammates using the NO-CONTACT
SEATING PROTOCOL … which is used for subscription/ $TAR CLUB
ROOM and other events. Teammates are not allowed on the same table with
opponents using the No-Contact Seating Protocol Rule, so there is no potential of
collusion among teammates.

FULL-CONTACT SEATING PROTOCOL allows teammates to be on the same
table with opponents, and can be used in Free or TiP play events. Players need to
take the seating protocol rule into account in their play.

18) What are RANKING GAMES?
The Ranking Games are one of the 4 game options in the lobby.
Ranking Games form the basis of all Individual and Team Ranking and the various
TP League Ranking Events. All Ranking Games are 10-Person No-Limit Texas
Holdem’ Poker, single table tournaments. Only registered players can play in
Ranking Games. Ranking Games are the only games where players earn TiP$ from
“time on table”. provides the Individual and Team Ranking Site,
and Ranking Games are the focus of all ranking and basis of RANKING GAMES.
The 10 person Ranking Games are built as a single table tournament. The Ranking
Games, also called “Sit and Goes”, are the ideal standard ranking format, putting
all players on the same footing for ranking.

19) What are RANKING EVENTS?
The RANKING EVENTS (RE) are created by TP or by users in the EVENT
MANAGER in the CONTROLLER. and require a certain number of Ranking
Games over a certain period of time to be ranked and the finish positions of
Individuals and Teams to be considered for any potential prize pool. Ranking
events are used for all league play and TEAM POKER® CHALLENGE - SERIES

20) What are TiP$?
TiP$ are the internal currency of TP and have no monetary value. TiP$ are used to
create competition and motivation, and measure results. TiP$ are earned by time
on table in Ranking Events and are used to enter events that result in a Free Roll
potential for both Individuals and Teams. TiP$ can also be purchased, and used for
event entry and other site purchases.
TiP$ balances are maintained in the user’s “My Wallet” which is located as an
option in their CONTROLLER. TiP$ can be exchanged (“sent or received”) there
with any other Registered Player on the site.

21) What are the PLATFORM & CONTROLLER?
A user’s unique PLATFORM & CONTROLLER can be accessed through the link
on the Game Lobby and from the Game Table by left-clicking on any avatar name.
The PLATFORM is where the users find their CONTROLLER for all user
management functions on the site (e.g.: Profile, Event Manager, Club & Team
options, Wallet, etc.) The CONTROLLER displays this information, serves as the
place where users can input to the RED PAGES™ and contains such things as
Club and Fundraising Team Listings. The PLATFORM has a TICKERTAPE that
runs current TP information and is also fed by the TP Twitter Account.

22) What are the RED PAGES™? - In Development ...
The RED PAGES™ (RP) will be the TP Yellow Pages, poker & gaming directory
/ encyclopedia. The RPs includes free listing for Fundraising Teams, Clubs and
users where these entities can list their companies for free if they maintain active

Numerous Products, Services & Promotions exist in The best
place to learn about these Products and Services is in the Products, Services &
Promotion Scroll that can be accessed from the Home Page and PLATFORM.

The PROFILE is designed to help users establish their TP identify, and find and
join leagues and divisions based on their selection interests. The EVENT
MANAGER is where users can join and create events, including TEAM POKER®
CHALLENGE - LEAGUE SERIES. The Club function in the Controller is where
users can start, join, or leave clubs. The CONTROLLER is where all TP Individual
and Team functions are managed.

25) What are the TP FREE and TiP$ LEAGUES and DIVISIONS?
RANKING created in the RANKING GAMES is the backbone of the TEAM
POKER® process by leagues and divisions for both Individuals and Teams.
Players can identify their leagues and divisions of interest in their PROFILE,
which is where they create or Join Events. Leagues and Divisions are evolving;
below are a few of the primary and secondary Leagues. Users can suggest new
LEAGUES and DIVISIONS, the acceptance of which will be subject to TP
             1. TP OPEN LEAGUE: All Individuals and Teams are automatically
registered in the Open League. If they meet the minimum number of
Ranking Games they are eligible to win their way or Free Roll to the
$TAR CLUB™. By registering on TP you become a member of the TP
OPEN LEAGUE and the top finishers can FREE ROLL to the STAR
CLUB™ subscription league.
             2. NATIONAL LEAGUE
             3. STATE & REGION LEAGUE
             4. CITY & TOWN LEAGUE
             5. MILITARY LEAGUE
                  a. Active by service by Country
                  b. Veteran by service by Country
                  c. Enlisted verse Officer
                  d. Air Force
                  e. Army
                  f. Navy
                  g. Marines
                  h. Green Beret
                  i. Special Forces
            6. UNIVERSITY
                  a. By Conference and General University
                  b. SEC
                  c. Big 12
                  d. PAC
                  e. Service Academies
                  f. Etc.: The University League will be structured by
and developed with input by Users for all Universities in all Countries
by Conference, League, and General World Wide University Ranking.
             7. SPORT AFFILIATION
                  a. Football Team
                  b. Baseball Team
                  c. Hockey Team
                  d. Basketball Team
                  e. Rugby Team
                  f. Soccer Team
             8. OTHERS as established. Users can recommend Leagues and Divisions.

26) What is TP FREE ROLL?
TP offers Free Roll potential to the $TAR CLUB (subscription league) for both
Individuals and Teams through the TP Open League and various TiP Events.

27) What is the $TAR CLUB™ LEAGUE?
The STAR CLUB™ is the TP subscription league. It consists of various levels of
cash entry. The FREE ROLL created by the Open League, and some TiP events
lead to STAR CLUB™ Entries and potentially large prize pools.

28) What is meant by OVERLAYING EVENTS?
Events may overlay each other in the TEAM POKER® - POKER ROOM in which
the No-Contact Rule (NCR) takes precedence in the team seating protocol. For
example, two players from the same Club who may be registered in separate events
can play on the same table and be ranked for their independent events. However, if
either of the two events happens to be operating under the requirement of the NCR
then the two club teammates could not play on the same table. The second
teammate trying to join would be given a message that states that the NCR is in
effect and to please find another table.

29) What is the OVERLAY OF PRIZE POOL?
The opportunity exists for TP, user created Ranking Events or sponsors to overlay
prize pools with TiP$, cash or other rewards.

The TEAM POKER® Ranking Event payouts are designed to pay a top percentage
of Ranking Positions. The options are selected by the event creators. The options
will typically pay the top 20% - 30% of players. These scheduled payout options
are advertised and posted with each event. The Ranking events do not play off or
consolidate to a single winner at this time.

TP does plan to have consolidation tournament events that lead to single Individual
and Team finish positions. We have some unique plans that will remain proprietary
for now, but believe these will bring more new paradigms to the Poker World …
stay tuned.

32) What are the TP GAME OPTIONS?
Besides the RANKING GAMES players can create or join three other types of
             1. STANDARD GAME: Any Registered Player or Guest can create a
Standard Game.
             2. REGISTERED GAME: Only Registered Players can start or play in these
             3. PRIVATE POKER TABLE™ (PPT): Players can start these games and
invite whomever they want to the PPTs.

33) Does TP offer PARTNERSHIPS? Coming Soon
TeamPoker®com will offer limited numbers and types TP Partnerships to qualified
users and select Strategic Partners. Please contact support for

1) TP, TP LLC, and TG LLC are used herein to represent Sister
Companies: a. Team Poker LLC (A “for-profit” company which is the
marketing & fundraising arm of parent company Team Gaming LLC);
and, b. Team Gaming LLC for all other products less fundraising).
2) Partnership programs are in development.
3) Table Back (coming soon) is TP’s concept similar to the “Rake Back” concept in the
poker industry in raked games, where users get a percentage of the rake.
TP has no rake so we share profit on some sales and subscriptions. Table
Back is calculated after taxes and after taking a minimum of 20% off of
the adjusted revenue amount, after tax, for TP direct expenses. Table
Back does not apply to advertising, branding and real-goods (each with
separate negotiated agreements with Franchise and Strategic Partners).
Table Back does apply to virtual goods, TiP$ sales, and subscriptions.
Advertising sales revenue is calculated and negotiated by separate
independent agreement.
4) Table Back (coming soon) is calculated by the use of Promo Codes to determine the
number of Registered Users affiliated with any particular Partner.
5) TP reserves the right to change the Table Back or any Partnership
programs at any time affecting any new partners. Existing partnership
agreements remain the same, unchanged in perpetuity. Partners have the
right to sell their partnership rights subject to TP approval. All Strategic
Partnerships product splits are negotiable.