Team Poker® Press Kit

TeamPoker® is “The Patented Card Game Process” for the Tournament Poker Team Sports Model.

Team Poker® Products

  • • Poker Tournament Management Software – Limited Licenses
  • • TEAM POKER® Championship Licenses (Live & Online)
  • • Merchandising
  • • Poker Tournament Management Software – Limited Licenses
  • • FREE CASINOWARE for small Poker Rooms 100 PLAYERS – 3 TABLES



What is Team Poker®

TeamPoker® CasinoWare has implemented the TEAM POKER® Patented Poker Team System ( For ANY POKER GAME) into the CasinoWare Poker Room Software to create the new poker tournament paradigm where bothINDIVIDUALS & TEAMS WIN.

ANY POKER GAME and ANY PRIZE POOL SPLIT between Individuals and Team is possible from 0 to 100% per tournament director needs. Teams could be Trophy Only; or 60% of the prize pool to Teams and 40% to Individuals as example.


INDIVIDUALS SCORE - PLACE the same way they always have by their INDIVIDUAL FINISH POSITION (IFP) in the Tournaments.

TEAM SCORING is established by the Total Team Points. Points are the Inverse of the INDIVIDUAL FINISH POSITIONS in the count. The Highest Team Score (total of teammates IFP Points) wins etc. with the tie breaker being team with highest IFP.

  • OPTIONAL SCORING METHOD: "CARRY THE FLAG" SCORING – Only the top IFP of each team determines Team Payouts.
  • OPTIONAL SCORING METHOD: Separate Tables/ Events / Games Leading to combined Team Score.
  • CLASS SCORING: Any Team Class Registered can be SCORED for CLASS COMPETITION (e.g. Country VS Countries; Men VS Women; School VS School).

TEAM HADICAPPING: Tournament Directors have Scoring Option of allowing the TEAM SIZE to VARY in Same Tournament by using the TEAM POKER® HANDICAP. The TP HANDICAP is the Ratio of the TEAM SIZE ALLOWED / ACTUAL SIZE OF TEAM. The Handicap is multiplied by the TEAM POINT SCORE to even the playing field so smaller teams can compete against larger. Tournament Directors can establish the Maximum and Minimum Size team to be allowed to enter or mandate a-number, #, of teammates per team.

SEATING PROTOCOL : The TEAM POKER® NO-CONTACT SEATING PROTOCOL DOES NOT ALLOW TEAMMATES ON THE SAME TABLE WITH OPPONENTS. Teammates must play among themselves or heads up to support table consolidation. The possibility exists for one teammate to wait to enter final table if 2 teammates and 1 opponent remain. Note: The No-Contact Rule and variation of seating randomness is the only modification to rules.

OPTIONAL FULL-CONTACT SEATING: An optional way to play is to allow teammates on the same table. The Teammates are Known and Identified. We envision TP Full-Contact to potentially be applicable to PRO and CHARITY Poker Events.

TOURNAMENT RESULTS : The Video Monitor Screens and Tournament Management Software Display both INDIVIDUAL & TEAM FINISH RESULTS side by side for award & payouts.


Glyn Ottofy CEO