Live Poker Room Software

Live Poker Software

Team Poker® has partnered with the most professional Live Poker Room software providers available. Their Poker Room Management and Tournament Software is available now to any large or small Casino and Poker Room. The poker software is the best in the World and can handle all aspects of a poker room management.

Our Live Poker Room Software Partners meet and provide all requirements of Team Poker® including: (1) Team and Individual Scoring and Payouts; (2) Poker Team Handicapping; and, (3) Non- Contact Seating Protocol. It is easy to run Team Poker® Events of any size from small Satellites to Massively Large Tournaments with thousands of players. Our Partners offer Team Poker® limited licensing from FREE to Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions.

Online Poker Rooms

We are looking to Partner with Online Poker Rooms that can fully implement the TeamPoker® Requirements and the Poker Sports Team Model in their software. Providers must meet capabilities of the strict TeamPoker® requirements including the No-Contact Seating Protocol, Scoring, and Team Handicapping. has implemented the Team Poker® Requirements in our Charity Prototype and it can be used as an example of how to implement the Sports Team Model including: establishing teams and ownership rights, changing teams, tournament entry, initial & consolidation seating protocol, and ranking individuals and teams. The format mirrors the professional sports league model. Contact us about licensing.

Online Poker Room

Championship Licenses

Championship Licenses

We also are looking for partners for both LIVE and ONLINE poker rooms in support of The WORLD POKER TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP™ (WPTC) - SERIES. This Series will be conducted by location: Home Games, City, State, Region, Country, Continent, and World Championship Finals for both Live and Online Poker Rooms.

The WPTC Series will be designed to implement the Poker Sports Model for Poker Teams of Various Sizes, Classes, and Divisions all leading to The WORLD POKER TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP™ - Finals for Live and Online Poker. All Production and Video Licenses for Championship Licenses are issued separately. Contact Team Poker LLC for requirements and Licensing Partnerships for Team Poker® Championships.